Large house

Smart solution for big family houses with typically installed photovoltaic power more than 10 kWp with with hybrid inverter NORD EcoMaster, heatpump NORD EcoHeat and EcoControl that helps you use your green energy in the most efficient way. EcoControl commands the operation of the PV inverter and the heatpump so you will always efficiently use maximum of green energy and have everything ready to your comfort. This solution supports setups with different boiler variations with NORD EcoBoiler or already existing boiler or boiler connected to the EcoHeat.


  • PV > 10 kWp
  • NORD EcoMaster with EcoStorage
  • NORD Smartmeter
  • EcoCharge with its own NORD Smartmeter
  • NORD EcoHeat with floor heating
  • NORD EcoBoiler
  • NORD EcoControl