NORD and photovoltaics

NORD, one of the new leaders in photovoltaic systems, presents a comprehensive solution for the green building concept based on the basic requirements for a photovoltaic system, which include self-sufficiency, maximum economic savings and environmental protection.  The overall system provides the user with a complete photovoltaic system from panels to battery storage. NORD cooperates with leading PV component manufacturers and offers top reliable equipment proven by years of operation of hybrid inverters, batteries, EV-chargers and PV modules

NORD’s complete green building solution

The largest appliance in the home is usually heating and hot water. That is why it is proposed to combine a photovoltaic system with a heat pump and water heating. NORD offers a comprehensive solution that combines the PV system with DHW heating, heating and now also EV charging (electric vehicles/plug-in hybrids). In order for the user to maximize the benefits of such a complex system, it is essential that the individual system components are as compatible, user-friendly and affordable as possible. Therefore, the individual components are tuned for perfect compatibility and controlled by an intelligent interface for ideal distribution of the energy and heat produced.

The entire system can be easily designed from scratch to meet the diverse requirements of each user. Only part of the system can be ordered in different performance variants. Moreover, it is not limited to use only for single-family homes, but also suitable for installations on apartment buildings or smaller commercial installations.

NORD offers users the best of the world of photovoltaics, heating and water heating so as to contribute as much as possible not only to economic savings, but also, and especially, the opportunity to participate in the fight against climate change and contribute to a more sustainable future for all.